Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cream croquettes and natto beans curry @ CoCo Ichibanya

Went back for their delicious curries because you can choose almost any combination.

This time tried the cream croquettes and I think I will also try the deep fried fish next time too.

cream croquettes and natto beans curry:
Again had the non spicy curry which tastes like gravy with a hint of curry without the spicyness.
The cream croquettes were basically potato croquettes.
The filling inside was different to what I expected, it was really silky and slightly creamy.
However there was no potato taste, hence that is why I chose the Natto beans to go with it.
It was a bit like having breakfast with potato and beans.

Salad and lemon tea:
The salad and drinks were Ok, the syrup was added by yourself which was good.

Pork curry:
The pork curry was shredded pork and the pork was quite lean and fresh.
The curry was quite spicy because I chose the mild one.
Restaurant photo:

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