Thursday, December 13, 2012

Customer svc & attitude really makes a difference

I came back here because I really liked their skewers and last time the lady was really patient.

Ordered the pork intestines and squid tentacles.

The lady this time was different and really irritating, she tried to get to buy the turkey gizzards but I didnt want it, then she over charged me.
I asked why the price was different to the one listed on the banner and she said it was an old one.

I was expecting the snacks to be on skewers but she put them in a bowl so she could charge me more as the bowl could hold more.
Anyway, on my next visit I will make sure it is not her before I order.
Pork intestines:
They were not cleaned out properly hence there was a strange smell.
Octopus tentacles:
The taste was not as good as the first time, the tentacles were chewy and she put more soy sauce this time.

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