Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Delicious buffet @ Le Menu

Thanks to the management at Luk Kwok hotel for organising a wonderful buffet for us to try.
I have always wanted to dine here but I did not manage to book it before as it was quite full during the weekends.

The buffet selection was impressive, especially the drinks section which is often a cup of coffee or tea at the end of the buffet.

Here there are so many cold drinks available: fruit punch, peach tea, orange juice and water.
Then I discovered they had tea which was “normal” ie not the Hong Kong style ones which was brilliant.

To summarise, my favourite items were the lamb chops with mint jelly, asparagus which were young and fine.
They even had stuffed sea cucumbers.
I tried the laksa soup base but I found it too hot so beware.
The bread selection was great and the bread that was topped with herbs tasted the best.
I loved the dessert section especially the baked chocolate, it was really rich and not too sweet.
The creme brulee was lovely and silky.
Then to end the perfect buffet I finished it with my favourite tea.
When we left we were given these luxurious boxed teas with assorted teas inside.

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