Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dumplings in chili oil @ Stand Up Eating

I have not been here for ages so decided to give it a revisit.

Some of the dumplings are no longer served so I tried the dumplings in chili oil and the other dumplings in soup.
Dumplings in chili oil: The chili oil was not that spicy which was good and the dumplings were topped with grated garlic.
The dumplings were delicious and there were lots of watercress in it.
The dumplings tasted really nice with the garlic and chili oil.
Noodles with dried prawn roe and mentaiko: The noodles were slightly hard but after putting some soup in, it was softer.
The saltiness of the dried prawn roe gave it flavour and depth and the mentaiko gave it some bursts of saltiness.
Dumplings in soup: The pork dumplings were delicious and the dumpling skin was not too thick, however the broth was too salty.

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