Monday, December 10, 2012

Fast Food could be Faster @ Happy Fast Food

I thought this joint would be fast and easy, ie choose what you want from the cabinet, pay for it and go.
So I chose the fried chicken drumstick because I saw the box there.

But after I ordered I had to wait for the chicken leg to be fried.

Chicken leg with rice:
I was surprised the rice had sauce on top, it was brightly coloured orange sauce which was tasteless.
The chicken fared better, it had crispy skin and juicy meat.
However it was difficult to enjoy the meal with wooden chopsticks and a plastic spoon.
I often forget and neglect the soup. The soup here was quite nice.
The taste of dried squid in the soup was strong but there was also some slight PFC taste too from the PFC bowl.
Photos of the restaurant:

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