Thursday, December 13, 2012

Follow the windy gusts to the Typhoon

The food here in general is quite good but it depends what is on the menu.

That day there was risotto and pan fried fish with buttered dill.

The salad is self service from the bar.
The lettuce is nice and fresh and there are lots of sauces to choose from.
The croutons were not crispy enough but the garlic taste was strong.
Mushroom and cream risotto:
The risotto at this place has tasted better before. The risotto this time was too hard and the sauce was too milky and creamy.
Fish in creamy dill sauce with mash:
The fish was nice and tender and the dill sauce and butter was nice because there was lots of dill in it.
The sauce was extremely buttery, there was so much melted butter.
The mash was also delicious, it was hot and velvety and had potato taste and tasted really nice with the remaining butter sauce.

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