Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hello Kitty x Yoppi froyo joint @ East pointy city

When their first branch opened in MK I really wanted to go but it was really hard trying to get a froyo from there because there were so many people and it was so noisy making it hard to order.

Then they opened their next store in Central which was really accessible but when you get to Central there is so much choice that I end up going elsewhere.

I wonder how long this shop will stay open because Yogo Frozen Yogurt which was nearby has closed down.

The difference at this branch is that it is decorated with Hello Kitty and the spoons are Hello Kitty too!
The spoon comes in pink or blue.
I usually collect the spoons if they are nice.
The froyo cup also had Hello Kitty on it.

Green tea:
Quite nice but it was quite icy.
Raspberry tart:
This was my favourite the raspberry flavouring was quite natural.
As well as the raspberry the vanilla tasted quite nice too, the vanilla taste was quite strong.
Signature tart:
I was quite disappointed with this one because it wasnt tarty enough.

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