Thursday, 13 December 2012

Malaysian Curry with a crispy bun @ 風味園

Came here again for some quick food.
Got the Malaysian curry and rice with chicken and duck.
Chicken and roasted duck with rice:
The duck was roasted quite nice and it was the leg part.
The duck meat was quite well flavored and did not need the sweet plum sauce.
As for the chicken the meat was slightly tougher, it tasted nice with the spring onion sauce.
Malaysian curry:
The curry was quite interesting because it came with a crispy bun in a Chinese shop.
This is quite normal if you went to a Macau style Portuguese restaurant or an Indian Restaurant to be served bread.
After dipping the crispy bun in the curry there was still quite a fair amount of curry left, the green peppers in it were quite nice.
However I was a bit annoyed it was buttered, the curry itself was quite oily.

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