Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Maple honey toast @ Urban Bakery

I know this place is famous for croissants but I will save this option for later when I get bored.
Long queue
Long queue
I came here and got the Maple honey toast.
They also had peanut butter toast.
When I paid I saw these delicious Hairy crab croissants for $100, but they only sell 5 per day and they have already met that quota.
The cost for those five croissants at $500 is worth around 42 of their normal croissants at $12 each!
But I must say they do look delicious and there is a lot of crab in it.
Maple honey toast:
The toast was more buttery than I expected and on the thick toast you could see that it was buttered really heavily.
The toast itself was salty and the maple syrup on the surface which got crystallized tasted really nice together.
The toast was crispy with a chewy centre and it was partially cut into squares making it easier to eat.

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