Monday, December 10, 2012

Mini BBQ pork rice bowls @ Ajisen Ramen

Saw these cute mini rice bowls, as well as BBQ pork they had Spicy pork too which I did not take a picture of.
Mini BBQ pork rice bowls:
I thought this was cute so decided to get it.
The mini bowl of rice came with a lid too and the rice was piping hot.
The pork pieces were not as big as in the product shot and they were cut into really small pieces.
Some were just pieces of fat too.
Luckily the gravy was not too sweet so it tasted quite nice.
The size of the bowl was the same as the bowls used for their miso soup.
The gyozas could have been put more neatly, some were facing the wrong way and upside down!
It was not grilled uniformly and you can see white powder on one of them.
As for the taste it was quite nice but the skin was not crispy enough.

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