Monday, December 10, 2012

Miso soup with tofu @ Baab Korean Casual Dining

Had the afternoon tea set here and you can choose from instant noodles, thin noodles, Korean sliced rice cakes and potato noodles with a choice of broth and topping.
Rice cake in Miso soup with tofu
I chose the miso soup base with korean sliced rice cakes with tofu because they seem to be famous for the tofu.
The miso broth was lovely and strong.
The sliced rice cakes were nice and chewy but did not really absorb the broth, and the tofu was not as nice as I expected.
Noodles in pork broth with spicy kimchi pork
The type of noodles they used was quite good, it was similar to tagliatelle.
The pork was really spicy.
Photos of the restaurant

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