Monday, December 10, 2012

Mixed Hong Kong style coffee and tea @ King Bakery

Out of all the King Bakery branches, this one looks the best and it is quite colourful as well.
They had the pandan cake so I went in to get it, as well as pandan, they had yuzu and marbled cake flavour.
Pandan cake: The cake was too sweet and oily and you could taste peanut oil as well.
Mixed Hong Kong style coffee and tea:
The drink which I did not have any expectations turned out to be the star.
I am not sure whether it was nice because it was chilled, but the drink was really smooth and tasted like chocolate coffee and you could not taste the bitterness of the tea.
To be honest, I got the drink because the bottle was nice!
The custard and red bean bun looks good too!

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