Thursday, 13 December 2012

More interesting finds at Cha Chaan Tengs

Although I am not fond of Chinese cafes (Cha Chaan Tengs), because they do a lot of strange fusion, but sometimes they end up creating some weirdly nice dishes!

This time had the Beef belly curry Thai style, Lettuce with Abalone and fish maw and Roasted baby pork legs with rice.

Beef belly curry Thai style:
The portion was huge and there was so much beef belly in it, which was great for me because I am quite picky with my beef. At least I was able to pick out some tendons and the leaner parts without the fat and there were still lots of beef left in there!
The taste of the curry sauce was delicious too, it was not really authentic Thai but it had lots of tomatoes in it. The curry sauce was so delicious with the rice.
They also do a pasta version which I could imagine tasting great too.
Roasted baby pork legs with rice:
I was quite surprised that a Chinese restaurant imported some baby roast pork legs, which is usually served in Western meals, but after trying the deep fried salmon with orange juice sauce, everything seems possible here.
It was served with rice and gravy. If you just looked at the photo you would have thought it was roast.
Anyway, the pork was nice and tender and I loved the gravy even though it was not proper British gravy.
I wish they had roast potatoes too.
Lettuce with Abalone and fish maw :
This was also my favourite dish too, as well as imitation Abalone they had fish maw as well. The oyster sauce was strong so everything was delicious.

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