Thursday, December 13, 2012

Neat grilled items @ Emmanuel Deli

On my way to Harukan I noticed this joint serving grilled snacks, the décor and fixtures were quite modern and not Chinesey.

Initially I thought they served baguettes because it had “deli” in the name or Mediterranean food because it was black and reminded me of Ebeneezers.

I think they chose the name Emmanuel because of their religion as they had videos promoting it too.
Their attitude was worth commending, they were quite patient taking your orders and didn’t mind explaining their food.

On a closer look I realised they did skewers and the skewers were neatly and hygienically stored in the glass cabinet, as well as labelled boxes in the fridge/freezer.
There is a table where you can eat the skewers and there are sauces, which were also hygienically, stored a well.
They had chili oil, satay sauce and thai sweet chili sauce.
If you order their herbal teas they are self-service from that table too.
The drinks are a must have item in the Chinese community because they believe that after eating grilled foods they should drink herbal tea.
They also had these rolls which are similar to the Mexican rolls, if I lived nearby I would order one, but it would be quite difficult eating it there standing up.
I wanted to get the fried chicken balls but it was sold out. In the end I got the grilled fish because not many places have it and the grilled tofu.
To order you just tick what you want from the order form.
Grilled octopus rolls:
The grilled octopus roll is basically one of those items, which doesn’t matter if you try it or not because they are just the same ones at the snack joints in Circle K, except that it has been flattened and grilled.
The thing that killed it was the syrup sauce, which just made it sweet.
Grilled fish:
Basically it was frozen fish, it was still nice and moist after being grilled, however it was too salty.
Grilled tofu:
The grilled tofu looked really nice, it had rosemary herbs sprinkled on it.
Again the syrup killed it, it just tasted sweet. However you could taste some slight fish meat in it because it was not 100% tofu and the tofu pieces were quite elastic like fish balls.
For improvements they should have the syrup separate so you can decide whether to add it or it.
There was a choice of having it grilled with salt or teryiaki sauce but I never thought they would put syrup at the end.

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