Thursday, December 13, 2012

Simple meatless lunch @ 上海真美豆漿大王

Decided to get a light lunch so ordered soy milk, savoury soy milk and plain steamed buns.
Although the savoury soy milk is a drink, to me it is just like a soup because it had pieces of fried dough and other goodies in it.
Soy milk:
The soy milk today was rather watery and tasteless but the sweetness was just right.
Savoury Soy milk:
The savoury soy milk was delicious as usual with the cute dried shrimps, spring onions and soggy fried dough sticks.
It was gently salted so it wasn’t too salty, and overall it was very filling just like wholesome soup.
Plain steamed bun with condensed milk:
As this was sweet I had it last, it was good the condensed milk was separated.
The steamed bun was nice and soft and the outside of the bun was slightly elastic.
It had the usual sweetness with the fragrant smell of freshly steamed Chinese buns.

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