Thursday, December 06, 2012

Takeaway lunches @ Cinta-J Restaurant & Lounge

I do not really like dining at Cinta-J's because it is extremely noisy and there is a 10% service charge. Anyway, decided to try takeaway lunches because there was no queue today. It was hard to see what dishes they had because there was a reflection at the front of the windows so you could only peer from the the ordering counter, but most of the trays were on top of each other, so you could only see the dishes closest to you. I asked what the other dishes were and she was reluctant to tell me and tried to force me to order what she had scooped up.

In the end I ordered the scrambled eggs and chicken curry. For improvements, it would be great if the stuff was labelled so people do not need to waste time asking especially when they are reluctant to answer.

Scrambled egg: The scrambled egg had lots of ham and onions but it was tasteless, but since there was curry sauce from the chicken it did not taste that bad.
Chicken curry: The chicken was tough and dry because it was all white meat, but the curry sauce was quite nice and it had a strong coconut taste.
Soup: At first I could not tell it was peanut and chicken feet soup because it was really salty.
But after I had half the bowl I saw the peanuts.

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