Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The colourful world of Fauchon down the basement

I was glad when this shop opened but they mostly sold macarons which was slightly disappointing because in other countries they have a cafe too serving beautiful eclairs.
Although I was bored of Macarons I still tried it anyway because there are macaron stores everywhere these days and it is not a delicacy anymore especially when they have macaron classes and everyone can make their own.
Pistachio macaron:
In the end I chose Pistachio. I was pleased the staff actually knew which ones were the sweetest and which one was the least sweetest.
I was tempted to try the lemon but it was risky because i do not like artificial lemon flavours.

The pistachio was delicious and fragrant too!
It literally melts in your melt into liquid!
The sweetness was just right.

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