Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Tom yum kung noodles with prawns

Came here randomly as I did not know what to eat, when I was walking down that road Tempo tissues were giving out tissue samples which came handy later on.
Tom yum kung noodles with prawns:
The noodles were piping hot so it took me a while to finish it.
The fan was a bit annoying because my hair kept flying in my face.
When the noodles finally cooled down they were too soft.
Luckily it was not too spicy but there were pieces of chili seeds and other herbs in the soup.
The soup was slightly sour.
As I was not good with chopsticks I splashed soup everywhere so the tissue came in handy!
tempo tissues
tempo tissues
If I had saw the coconut soup with chicken I would have ordered that instead.
Nice blue chopsticks and shop pictures:

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