Thursday, December 13, 2012

Well hidden top of the pops delish food..Vroom..

Went to Sai Kung for food and I was really glad I did not go to the modern part of Sai Kung because I found two delicious places including this one, the other one was Revolution which I wished I discovered earlier.

Entering the old part of Sai Kung into the lanes, I noticed a banner with a racing car and grand prix design, when I had a closer look at it, I realised it was a noodle shop!!
I am not a fan of Chinese noodles but the design attracted me so there was no harm taking a look at the shop on the way to finding a place to eat!

When I got there, the shop was quite small but had a flashy grand prix style front.
Then I looked at the menu and saw BRAISED DUCK!!!! Usually it is roast duck or smoked duck slices and for a small joint like this serving braised duck it sounded delicious so I went in for that.
On the way in I saw a metal pan with braised duck in it which I was pretty sure it was going to be that dish.
It did not look appealing but it was just pieces of bones but somehow I knew it was going to be delicious.
Anyway sat down and they had these interesting stool like sofa which feel quite wobbly.
(Pity I forgot to take a picture because they did look quite nice and it was in my favourite silver colour)
Here is a photo but you cant see the bottom half!
On the wall there was a bag full of ring pulls which I thought was cute!
The menus were quite flashy in contrast to the rest of the restaurant.
Braised duck:
When it came, it was exactly what I saw in the metal pan and there were some extra courgettes as well.
The chinese mushrooms were the cutest I have seen and I suspect that they chose the smaller variety so that it is more tasty and it proved to be right.
The mushrooms were deliberately not soaked properly to give it an extra stalky texture and flavour.
The sauce was spicy because there were chilis but it was soothing like mint and you could still taste other tastes.
There were so many spices in this including aniseed and sichuan peppercorns.
The duck was chopped into fine pieces which was difficult to eat but if you do not chop it into really small pieces it is hard for the duck to get flavoured properly.
Any how, even though I was not an expert with bony pieces I found the sauce delicious with the rice.
I can't wait to eat this again, but since I am not an expert with bones, I hope I get more mushrooms next time.
Hong Kong style tea:
I do not drink the HK beverages but it came with the meal. I only took a picture of it because the milk/cream/condensed milk or whatever was so thick you can see it sinking to the bottom on the side of the glass.
The set comes with soup which is not listed on the menu but they will ask you if you want the soup or not because some people do not drink the soup.

After dining here I could not figure why they used the grand prix design then later I realised they were trying to link it with Car noodles hence the car.
I tried the noodles as well, but I preferred the duck!

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