Monday, December 10, 2012

White truffle hot chocolate drink @ caffè HABITŪ

I do not usually come here unless they have new items or interesting things because their food and beverages are expensive.
The last visit was in June when they had the London Fog.

This time they had the White truffle hot chocolate drink so I came here for that.
White truffle hot chocolate drink:
When it came, the cup had a straw with a flag attached to it.
After removing the lid, it just looked like ordinary hot chocolate with melted whipped cream, however you could smell strong white truffle.
The drink was not even piping hot so I finished it quite quickly.
At the bottom of the cup I found some pieces, I doubt they were white truffle pieces especially for that size it would be expensive.
After I tried them, it turns out they were pieces of chestnuts which was quite strange because it was not listed on the poster.

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