Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yin Yang Vegetarian baked rice @ V8

I only come here once in a million years because this joint is always crowded and the queue is extremely long.
Today they only had two choices left in the baked section and one of them looked good so I got it.
All the dishes are contained in foil boxes and in the oven so they are ready to takeaway when you order.
I do not normally like baked rice, they are quite different from the Western ones because they used fried rice instead of plain rice which I find oily and heavy.
The temperature of the baked rice was also really hot.
Baked vegetarian burdock steak with yin yang sauce and rice:
I got it today because it was a vegetarian steak and it was quite cheap for $23 if you compare it to other vegetarian places.
However if you eat meat, then for $23 people will choose the one with the most expensive ingredients in that range.
Basically it was baked rice with Yin yang sauce, which is half tomato and half white sauce.
The rice beneath it had some pieces of egg but not a lot and the sauce had lots of frozen peas and carrots. The peas were quite dehydrated and hard.
I preferred the white sauce but it was quite salty and the tomato sauce was the usual taste found in Chinese restaurants. The vegetarian steak was nice but difficult to eat with those tacky plastic fork and spoons.
But anyway it was fun and better to eat from an aluminium box as there is no PFC odour.


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