Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fruit tarts for the visiting fireman

Had someone visiting so decided to get some fruit tarts from North Point's Arome Bakery Room to share.
It it all about being healthy these days so chose these fruit tarts over cream cakes.
Although fruits tarts are sweet as well, the sugar can be burned off with exercise!
There were six flavours but the chestnut one was sold out, so got one each of the rest of the remaining flavours which were: blueberry, strawberry, mango, white peach and mixed fruit.

All these had custard filling beneath it.

For Westerners I suggest choosing the blueberries or the strawberry one and for Asian flavours mango and mixed fruit.

blueberry custard tart:
Out of the five this one and the strawberry one are the least sweet.
The strong berry sauce and the custard were nice together.
strawberry custard tart:
This was my favourite because the tartness of the strawberries and the cream were wonderful.
Strawberries and cream always go good together.
mango custard tart:
I did not try this as I do not like mango
white peach custard tart:
This was quite nice and surprisingly they used white peach because not places use white peach as an ingredient.
The white peach was lightly crisp and not too sweet.
mixed fruit custard tart:
I did not try this because it reminded me of chinese fruit cakes.

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