Wednesday, August 07, 2013

$100 shopping spree at IKEA

IKEA Café (Kowloon Bay)
Thanks to Megabox promotions for this $100 cash coupon that I got from the Ramen Champion tasting event.

I spent it immediately that night

I got three items and it was exactly $100

Rosti:This was basically coarsely grated potato shaped like a patty and frozen.
After it was cooked there was a nice crisp texture and the rosti had a nice potato taste similar to hash browns.
Crab spread (Pastej krabbe):The crab spread was contained in this huge tube.

The crab spread had a pinkish colour with lots of herbs
It was quite salty and had a strong dill taste.
Tarta Chokladkrokant:
They also have at the cafe, but it does not have cream on top.

The packaging is idiot proof and gives information on the number of servings and that it is a frozen product.

The cake is best cut when it is frozen because the cream is hard.

The pie was delicious with generous pieces of nuts in it.
It was not too sweet and the cream, chocolate and tart base tasted great together.

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