Friday, August 16, 2013

Made in HK but not made for Kwun Tong

Made in HK Restaurant (Kwun Tong)
I think this restaurant is great but it would do better in the Hong Kong area.

The decor and modern settings are too hip for Kwun Tong.

They had great choices like Beef Wellington and Cordon Bleu which cost around $13X, but they no longer serve them because the locals probably do not know what it is and no one orders them.
They have the Beef Wellington at Loyal Dining which is in Central, and this place reminds me of it.

The pricing is also similar to Loyal Dining in Central which is expat friendly and they have a great English website with the latest food menus.

Since the Beef Wellington and Cordon Bleu were discontinued I opted for noodles and a croque monsieur.

I am sort off expecting to see negative reviews from the locals because the food may be a bit too western or hip for them to appreciate just like Cantopop.
(Let' hope I am wrong and hope they have another branch in Hong Kong soon).
Fellow foodie Dessire ordered a salad which turned out to be a star as well because it was not the usual Chinese style potato and fruit salad mixed in sweet salad cream, it was as healthy as it could get with almost near nothing dressing.
The fruits that was used were qute European too with grapefruit, blueberries and strawberries.

Instant noodles in curry broth:

The instant noodles was surprisingly nice in the curry broth, which was a soup version of the typical Chinese cafe curry.

The egg that they use is organic and it was really nice too, there egg tasted natural without rancid oil smells from the pan, and the luncheon ham was nice as well.
Croque monsieur:
The croque monsieur tasted good but too plain for Made in HK.
For the food they serve, this was too easy for their style, it was just toasted ham and cheese and not baked as the menu indicates.

The potato salad on the side was wonderful, I was expecting the Chinese type but it was normal Western style egg, potato in mayonnaise.
Absolutely and simply delicious especially the potatoes because they were soft and silky.
The reason for the OK ranking was because they did not have the items I wanted to try so I couldnt compare it to Loyal Dining.
I believe that if something is discontinued, it should not be on the menu.

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