Friday, August 09, 2013

Nice spring onion and ginger sauce @ Gloria Restaurant

Gloria Restaurant (Tin Hau)
This restaurant used to be located in Happy Valley, but recently they had to close down due to rent problems.

I have never heard of this shop because there was only one review, and I only found out recently because of a recent review.

If you look at this restaurant, there are not many reviews on this place or at the previous location.

On my first attempted visit, they did not serve the item I wanted to try because it was 5.50, the owner said that rice is not served after 4pm.

Anyway, I went another day in the afternoon, when I looked at the menu, it states rice dishes are served from 2-6pm and I could not see any 4pm being mentioned anywhere.

The owner of this restaurant loves to eat around and criticize the service of other restaurants to her customers, which is ironic, because most of the reviews on this place also criticize her attitude.

The food I wanted was simple, so there was not much to debate but you had to sit where she allocates you.

The only thing I was only annoyed with was the menu because the serving hours should be clearly specified.

Most of the customers dining there were from Happy Valley.
Fried fish with spring onion and ginger sauce:
The fish was dipped in egg and fried which gave a nice yellow golden coating, it was soft and juicy.
The spring onion and ginger was really nice because it was not salty so you can eat lots of eat.
Fried chicken leg with spring onion and ginger sauce:

It was nice the chicken leg was cut into pieces to make it easier to eat.
The chicken was more like roast chicken because the chicken was very juicy and tender and the again the spring onion and ginger was the star of the dish.

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