Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Not a very chirpy place @ Bird and Basket

Bird and Basket (Prince Edward)
Came here randomly before having dessert nearby.
It was quite gloomy upstairs and the air conditioning was extremely cold.

I was intrigued why it was called Bird and Basket and not The Birdcage or Bird and Cage because there were more bird cages used as decor than baskets .

Just ordered two items.
Chinese radish puffs:

The chinese radish in the middle was very bitter and salty with high MSG content.
The pastry had so much lard in it that you could smell.
Rice rolls with sakura shrimp:

The concept of this was good but they ruined the sakura shrimps because they have been deep fried to the point that they tastes bitter.
Chili oil:

Had to ask for it twice!

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