Monday, August 12, 2013

Hung's Delicacies (North Point)
Thanks to LT and the restaurant for this wonderful meal.

Hung's Delicacies is really famous and there are always crowds of people outside the shop before and during their opening hours.

Today, I tried some really delicious items which I did not know about before.

Chicken tendons in sesame sauce:
They had two versions of this, one in sesame sauce and the other in wasabi sauce.
This was everyone's favourite because it did not have a mustard kick.
Although there are red pieces that look like chili, they were actually pieces of red peppers.
It was just tendons and some soft bones which gave it a nice crunch in delicious sesame sauce.
Choi lan style noodles:
These noodles are tossed in pork oil with soy sauce, ginger and spring onions which is how Choi lan likes to eat it.

Although this one was not as nice as the sesame sauce one, I could not help myself from eating this too because I loved the texture of the chicken tendons and the mustard sauce was ok for me.
Duck chins:
This was interesting because I have not tried it before and it had a nice sesame and spicy taste.
Signature noodles:
These noodles are their signature noodles which are tossed in XO sauce with bean shoots and spring onions.
I liked these noodles because they are the thin type and it was fully flavoured and slightly spicy.
Duck tongues in wine:
These are the best duck tongues in wine I have ever tasted because they were soft and gelatinous and it came of the soft bones easily.
The wine had soaked right through the tongue giving an even wine flavouring all the way through.
Cucumber in garlic sauce:
A simple but delicious dish and each piece of cucumber was deliciously flavoured with garlic sauce and was not too salty.
Beef in abalone sauce:
The photo looks like a dish of fish maw but it was actually beef with delicious membrane attached.
The membrane was gelatinous just like fish maw and with the abalone sauce the taste was amazing just like eating fish maw in abalone sauce with some meat attached.
Ducks mid joint wings:
Again another delicious delicacy, the wings were fully flavoured with their signature sauce.
The delicate meat in between the bone and the skin was flavoured too.
Vegetarian mix in red beancurd sauce:

The dish was wholesome and hearty with a good balance of chinese cabbage, tofu, and gingko nuts.
It was sweet with a fragrant red beancurd taste.

I can't wait to dine there again now that I know what to order.

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