Friday, August 09, 2013

Nice curry sauce and fried chicken leg @ Loi's Cafe

Loi's Café (North Point)
Although there are not many reviews on this place, franktschan has been here twice so the food must be good.
On one of his reviews, I was attracted by the curry sauce and on the other review the deep fried chicken leg looked good.

Basically there are lots of options you can choose such as fish or chicken and then pair it with different sauces eg curry, onion gravy, black pepper gravy, sweetcorn sauce or soy sauce.

Fried chicken leg, luncheon meat, curry sauce and rice:
They had chicken and chips but I did not fancy the Chinese style chips which are always too crunchy and overdone so I ordered fried chicken with rice which comes with curry sauce which I wanted to try too.
As expected the curry sauce was really nice, its colour and taste was strong.
The chicken leg was slightly different to the one at Kowloon bay’s “Yat yuet sing”, it was fried to the extent that 99% of the chicken skin was crispy.
Fish burger:

I just felt like trying this even though I do not like the local buns, surprisingly the quality of the fish was really good and the frying oil was fresh.
The sauce they put in the burger was reasonably nice and you could still taste the fish.
I will order the fish with the curry sauce next time.

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