Thursday, August 08, 2013

Tasting at AHU

AHU (Tin Hau)
Honestly if they had not rebranded this noodle place I would not have bothered trying it because I have do not like Hunnan style noodles unless it is the buccatini type.

The logo stood out from across the road! It looked like there was an English word that spelt BOHITA in the logo but it was actually Chinese.

Inside the restaurant, it is brightly decorated with a yellow and black theme.

They had spices on the wall for display.

The choice of broths for the noodles was good too, there were five choices: Vegetarian, tomato, laksa, preserved eggs and spicy broth.


According to the picture, they look panfried but when they came, the dumplings were deepfried.
I felt that they tasted nice deepfried because the dumpling skin is crispy and thinner complemented by the pork and leek fillings.
Instant noodles in Laksa broth:
The noodles were the best because you could choose instant noodles.
The instant noodles were slightly thinner compared to other brands and it reminded of the "CHEWY" (chiu lik) brand.
As for the broth, it was not that spicy.
Deep fried pork knuckles:

The pork knuckles could have been better because it seems that the pork knuckles were not that fresh because they have been in the fridge for too long that they were dehydrated. Hence the pork knuckles were too chewy, elastic and sticky.

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