Friday, August 09, 2013

Mix and match drinks with style by MANGO EXPRESS

Mango Express (Tseung Kwan O)
This shop is called Mango Express which is a new line of drinks by Hui Lau Shan.

But for some reason, OpenRice has listed this as Hui Lau Shan and not Mango Express.

Quoted from Hui Lan Shan's Facebook page:
許留山的全新概念店-芒果站正式進註港鐵沿線; 8月3日首間芒果站於寶琳站開幕了。芒果站以健康鮮果甜品為主, 特別介紹全新產品-開心好玩的D.I.Y特飲,客人可3重味自由配搭共80款組合,快D嚟試晒佢啦! 請各位許留山Fans 多多支持!

It opened on the 3rd of August, offering D.I.Y drinks with up to 80 combinations!!

To order your D.I.Y drink, follow the steps:
Step 1: Choose your drink based on a choice of five juices: Mango, coconut, watermelon, blueberry or pineapple.
Step 2: Choose an ingredient from: sago, basil seed, mango or pineapple.
Step 3: Choose a jelly base: aloe jelly, mango pudding, mango jelly, or honey jelly.

If you can't decide or wait, there are drinks already mixed in the fridge for grab and go convenience.

Bright and colourful straws for the drinks.

My DIY Drink:
Pineapple x Sago x Aloe Jelly
Great concept and drink but it was WAY too sweet and syrupy!
It really wrecked their claims on healthy drinks.
The aloe jelly was really nice though because it had a strong pandan taste.
As well as drinks, they also sell their usual snacks such as curried fishballs, shaomai's and one snack I found interesting was the Durian chocolate!


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