Monday, August 12, 2013

Green Tea mille feuille @ Spade by Lassana

Spade by Lassana (Mong Kok)
After my initial tasting, I found the food quite nice so came here again.

Smoked salmon in squid ink bun:
This was simple and delicious, a crispy toasted squid ink bun filled with salmon and lettuce.
Earl Grey:
They use Mighty Leaf tea bags which has a strong leafy taste.
The milk was frothed which made it quite fancy just like a cappuccino.
Green Tea mille feuille:

According to Spade, they changed the recipe a few times.
The one I tried was really nice because it had hints of lemon which was slightly tart and refreshing and balanced the sweetness of the green tea filling.
Their initial batches were sweeter and did not contain lemon.

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