Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Chinese version of Heston!

Shui Yue (Causeway Bay)
Being a fan of Heston's feasts and fun presentations of food I was naturally drawn to Shui Yue for its exquisite way of serving food.

As soon as I arranged the date, I was itching to go and waiting eagerly that day, and the hours went so slowly!

I have always wanted to try Bo Innovation as well but its one of these upstairs places where you need to book that deters me because I need to plan ahead.

The food at Shui Yue is Chinese style cooked in a Western way which enables you to taste the food.

For each dish, there is a health benefit for the ingredients used because Karen believes in healthy dishes.

I never really eat Chinese food because most Chinese food is just stuff thrown in the wok with salt, MSG, soy suce, sugar and stir fried in generous oil but saying that there are a few decent ones around.

Here was what we tried which costs $420 per person and no service charge is included.

Competitors are probably suspicious because they probably want to know how good their food is and fear it may bring down the market value for molecular gastronomy cuisine.

Anyway, the location is great and not located in an industrial area.
It is on the quiet side of Causeway bay and you could probably get away with parking your car there hence a really good place for celebrities to dine!
Tomato jelly ball paired with oyster leaf, preserved plum tomato basil

For the starters, we were advised to start from the left, right, then centre.
The first item was the huge molecular tomato caviar filled with tomato essense.
It bursted with delicious tomato essence which was made from 7-8 tomatos for a molecular caviar of this size.
Next was the oyster leaf which was served on an oyster shell covered with lava salt foam.
After devouring the oyster leaf I was really shocked by the taste because it was fascinating that you could get a plant tasting exactly like an oyster.
The lava salt foam on top made it taste like a freshly shucked oyster.
Lastly there was the Cherry tomato which was in a vacuumed environment forcing the preserved plum flavouring into it.
It had a really strong preserved plum flavour in the form a cherry tomato.
The deep fried Chinese parsley beneath the tomato ended the appetizer nicely because the grassiness of it balanced out the strong plum flavour.
Surf clam herbs salad:

Next was this dainty salad, it was surf clams on fresh mountain yam slices garnished with herbs from Holland and caviar topped with edible gold foil.
The surf clams had a nice lemon and ginger taste and the mountain yams were crisp and juicy like crystal pears with a slightly viscious texture.
Dragon pearls:

These were huge crabmeat and squid patties filled with longnan berries with crab roe inside.
They tasted great with or without their homemade mayonnaise which had a nice hint of dill in the flavouring.
I wished I saved some crispy vermicelli to put in the fish soup.
Black tiger paw mushroom soup:

This soup is made with Chinese black tiger paw mushroom originating from the Yunnan provence.
They are currently in Season.
You can get them fresh or dried. For the fresh ones there is a fragrant smell and aftertaste, but the dried ones there is only a strong smell but no aftertaste.
There are two colours yellow or black, black is prized and has more health benefits.
It was really creative how they used the Chinese mushrooms to make a soup using the Western method.
When the soup came, there was a really nice earthy mushroom smell, the taste of the soup was similar to cream of porcini soup but it had a stronger and bitter tone to it.
On the side of the bowl, it was garnished with powdered mushroom to give it an even more complete mushroom taste.
Grilled lamb chops

These were Welsh lamb chops which were extremely tender and supple.
They were marinated in sichuan spices which satisfied my craving for Sichuan pepper because the spices were very light yet enough to recognize the Sichuan taste.
The grilled onion was crisp and sweet.
Fish soup with crispy rice:

The soup was made with Pacific saury fish which was boiled for five hours.
It had a lovely milky taste with a hint of ginger.
After adding the deep fried rice grains, the rice was lovely and crispy after it had soaked the soup.
It was really good that this was part of the meal because it was quite substantial without being too heavy and it fulfulls the rice craving.
I think the crispy vermicelli from the earlier dish would taste great in the soup too.
Sweet mango lights on Chocolate soil:

The beautiful pearl is served on a bed of bulbs because they got this inspiration from a lightbulb.
I felt that it would also look like on a bed of sand and seashells or some smaller pearl necklaces and bling bling crystals too.
Anyway it was too pretty to eat but I had to eat it, so I cracked the sugar shell which was made in the same way glass ornaments are blown.
Inside the pearl, there was gorgeous lightly whipped fresh mango which had a delicious tart taste that complemented the chocolate soil.
Japanese green tea icecream red bean puree:

Dreamy smooth green tea gelato made by them served on big red beans.
Coffee or flower tea:
To end the delicious meal, I chose Black vanilla tea which was soothing and relaxing.

Lastly this was a surprise which I will leave as a surprise so you can find out when you go!

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