Sunday, August 18, 2013

Simply healthy and healthily simple

Pret A Manger (Admiralty)
Went back to my favourite place for decent healthy food!

Spotted the apple crumble yoghurt pot and the citrus fruit salad so got those two items.

Apple crumble yoghurt dessert pot:
Apple compote, caramel yoghurt mix, crunchy honey nut

I loved this three layered pot, at the bottom, there was apple compote, then it was caramel yoghurt on top with crunchy nuts on top.
The caramel yoghurt was delicious because there was a delicious caramel taste and aroma in the tart yoghurt which was complemented perfectly by the sweet apple compote and crunchy nuts.
Citrus fruit salad:

This was simply oranges and ruby grapefruit.
The orange was sweet and the grapefruit was sharp with a hint of bitterness.

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