Monday, August 19, 2013

Coffee Academics in Wan Chai

The Coffee Academics (Wan Chai)
For coffee lovers, there is a new coffee joint in Wan Chai, joining the fun with Rabbit Hole, Mansons Lot and Coco Express.

It is located right next to Fook Lam Moon where the tycoon's of Hong Kong hang out.

Coffee Academics obviously made a crowd at the opening with lots of celebrities and guests at their opening.

They even recieved some flowers from famous coffee lover Moses Chan.

Inside the coffee shop, there was a hip coffee bar.

There were attractive stools near the bar area.

As I do not drink coffee, I ordered a spinach and cheese pie.
The chocolate Madeleines were interesting too because they looked liked round flat cup cakes.

The apple and ricotta crumble cake cwas creative too.

Spinach and cheese pie:

It was nice that it came with salad unlike other places where they just reheat the pies and plonk it on a plate with nothing.
I was expecting the salad to be ordinary salad with olive oil but the sauce was quite different and nice because it tasted like strawberry vinaigrette.

As for the pie, it was the usual spinach pie filled with canned spinach with a dull green colour.
The cheese in the pie was a nice complement to the pie.

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