Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cold Meze platter @ Bahce

Bahce Turkish Restaurant (Lantau Island)
After the delicious food at China Bear, I walked past this shop and saw people having some dishes that looked delicious.

So waited a while until I was a little hungrier and tried this place.

I am not familiar with Turkish food so I didn't know what the dish was that I saw earlier, but since they had a Meze platter I ordered that instead.
There was either a hot meze or a cold meze so I chose the cold one because the hot one seemed a bit heavy.

The Cold Meze basically had: Hummus, Green beans, Kisir, haydari, dolma, eggplant, served with salad.

The pita bread was for dipping the Mezes.


The hummus was ok, but not sour enough so after adding the lemon it tasted so much nicer.
Green beans:

The sauce that it was in was tomato puree, but the tomato tasted quite artificial.

Basically, this was couscous and I loved it because there was lots of cumin in it.

This was basically garlic and dill yoghurt dip, the dill was a bit too strong.

This was rice wrapped in vegetables leaves, it was too minty and oily for my liking.
Egg plant:

This was my favourite dip, but there was not much egg plant taste.

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