Friday, August 30, 2013

Sheung Wan's King of Indian food

Basmati (Sheung Wan)
I love restaurants by the MTR exits and this one is really close to Sheung Wan's Exit C.

The reviews showed some really delicious looking Aloo Chops so I was really looking forward to that.

When I got there, the interior reminded me of UK style restaurants with an open bar at the far end with wines and glasses.

After browsing the menu, there were quite a lot of choices, so here was what I had.
complimentary starters - poppadoms:

These poppadoms were crispy and delicious with a hint of potato taste and spicyness.

There were two sauces, a mint sauce and a red sauce!
Both were super hot compared to other restaurants.
Aloo Chop:

These were my favourite, I should have ordered two portions.
They are a bit like a silky flat potato croquettes with Indian herbs and green peppers in it.
They were not spicy so they are suitable for people who cannot eat spicy items.
Basmati chicken tikka:

The pieces of chicken were served in a hot sizzling metal plate on top of julienne onions and cabbage which kept the chicken hot without burning it.
There was a piece of lemon which the waitress squeezed lemon juice onto the sizzling chicken with the handy metal pincers.
The chicken was boneless, juicy and tender which is really worth trying.
Lamb masala:

The lamb could have been softer and the curry was a bit too spicy for my liking.
Plain naan:

The naan was chewy and soft, perfect for dipping in the curry.
Dessert of the day - Ras malai:

I was really glad Ras malai was the dessert of the day because I thought that it was the best dessert in the menu range.
Usually I do not like Indian dessert because they taste too sweet and the Jasmine scent is too strong for my liking.
Ras malai is basically sugary white cream coloured balls which can be paneer or dough depending on the restaurant.
Here it tasted like cake soaked in cream flavoured with cardamon and topped with nuts.
I loved the sweet cream and the nuts and it was soothing after a spicy meal.

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