Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to the good old days in East London

Tulsi Indian Restaurant (North Point)
Everytime I walked past this restaurant, I have always wanted to try it because it reminds me of the Indian restaurants in East London.

I finally went there and tried their set meal for two.
Usually I am skeptical about sets because the choices are not that good and it is basically cheap items put together as a set.

There are two sets, one at $188 which includes a snack, 2 curries, a BBQ item and drinks, for $218 it has an extra item from the Special selection.

Although it sounds like a lot, the portions are not really that big.
It is pretty clear on the menu.

Tomato soup:
The soup was slightly too salty to start off with, but I liked the richness and umami taste of the tomato.

Aloo tikki, Tandoori squid, oyster masala

Aloo tikki:

This was my favourite because there were lots of potato in it and it was slightly chewy because flour was added to it.
Tandoori squid

The squid was soft and tender with delicious spices.
oyster masala

The oyster was covered in rich thick masala sauce, and it was surprising the pairing of oyster and masala sauce was good.
Pilau rice

Delicious fluffy Indian rice.
Vegetable curry

The vegetable curry was ok, but the beef curry was even better.
Beef curry

Although it was quite spicy, the beef was amazing, it was soft with some gelatinous membranes attached.

The naan was awesome, it was served hot and the texture of the naan was non oily, soft and chewy in the centre with some crispy surfaces.

To finish off the tea was surprisingly good!

Overall, 99% of the food was delicious but not very filling.

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