Friday, August 23, 2013

Nabe One brings out the beef lover in you

Nabe One (Tsim Sha Tsui)
Although I am not keen on beef, I never reject beef tastings because I should not be biased.

At this beef tasting, the beef was so nice that I want to dine here again.

There were four types of beef to choose from:
U.S Beef
U.S Supreme Beef
Japanese Wagyu
Japanese Supreme Wagyu

U.S Beef:

U.S Supreme Beef:

Japanese Wagyu:

Japanese Supreme Wagyu:

As a personal preference I liked the US beef because there was less fat ratio to meat.
But if you prefer an even fat distribution and a high fat content, you can choose the Japanese Wagyu.
After selecting the beef, you can select from a range of broths for Shabu Shabu which can be served in duo pots if you want two different broths for an extra $18 except for the Sukiyaki which comes with an egg for dipping.
Shabu Shabu soup bases:
Kombu seaweed
Scallop soup
Salmon soy milk soup
Shrimp tomato soup
Korean kimchee soup
Wagyu spicy miso soup
Tomato pork bone soup
Scallop, Korean Kimchee

The scallop base was really nice and light but the Kimchee broth was too light and not spicy at all.
Salmon soy milk soup, tomato

The salmon broth did not have much salmon taste and the tomato was the best to pair with beef because it had an appetizing taste.

The Sukiyaki had the strongest tasting soup base which had a hint of sweetness served with egg to give it a nice silky texture.
For the shabu shabu, there was a long table of ingredients, ranging from vegetables, meatballs, noodles, and sauces.
One of the noodles that I really liked was the ramen which looked like it was on display.
These noodles tasted great with the Sukiyaki soup base.

After it was shabu'd, its texture and taste was similar to the Japanese Hakata noodles.

As well as noodles, they had fusili too!

Other interesting items for Shabu-ing: Fish cake, chicken and vegetable meatballs and Korean rice rolls.
My favourite shabu shabu sauce was pomelo vinaigrette because it was refreshing and made the beef moreish!~They even had black garlic soy sauce.

For those who need something substantial such as rice, they also have Wagyu beef fried rice and Wagyu beef curry. The fried rice is really nice because the beef is grounded finely giving an even distribution of beef flavour in the fried rice.

To end the Shabu, there is unlimited froyos and icecream with a wde range of toppings to choose from such as mochi, aloe, popping liquid filled balls and candies.

There was Vanilla icecream, Lychee frozen yoghurt, Hami Melon icecream and Original frozen yoghurt that day.

For beverages, there are fridges of canned drinks, hot teas, and unlimited BEER!

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