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Prepared to be butchered for fine food

Prepared to be butchered for fine food
Blue Butcher (Sheung Wan)

Thanks to LT and this restaurant for holding a tasting for us.

I have always wanted to dine at this place so it has been on my wishlist for quite a while.
The interior of this restaurant is just fantastic. It is huge and spacious with high ceilings.
It is basically an imitation of a US style meat house, at the entrance you are greeted with some heavy looking metal stairs, on the walls, there are butchers knives on the wall.

Every item in this restaurant is big and medieval looking.

These stairs are a rarity in Hong Kong because stairs are usually built outside the appartments, but for larger houses such as Victorian houses, the stairs are not outside.

When you reach the top of the stars, there is a hanging room with Himalayan salt blocks.
Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt known in the world and contains the highest concentrations of minerals and has medicinal as well as culinary uses.

One of the rooms was really special with cavities on the walls for candles.

The heavy wooden tables have lockable wheels, so If there is a big group, they can be rolled together to form one big long table.

norwegian salmon tartar/avocado/burnt lemon vinaigrette/horseradish:

It was a really nice dish to start off with, salmon and creamy avocado dressed with delicious salad and burnt lemon vinaigrette which gave it more dimension with a charred taste.
compressed organic tomato/burrata cheese/white balsamic/basil:

Burrata cheese never fails, creamy cheese oozing with a runny centre in the middle just like a poached egg, complemented by their delicious organic tomatoes drizzled in white balsamic vinegar.
Organic smoked beetroot/feta/cucumber/pistachio vinaigrette:

It was beautifully presented, beets on the bottom, cucumber slices on top with crumbled feta cheese and pistachio nuts on top drizzled with sauce.
The beets and cucumber tasted really nice with the vinaigrette.
spanish ham & egg/asparagus/mushroom/thyme:

The spanish ham was soft and delicious, not overly salty paired with deliciously grilled asparagus, panfried mushrooms and a perfectly poached egg.
bone marrow/toast/caper berries/parsley/salt flakes:

I love bone marrow so this was obviously my favourite.
It came served in the bone too with a cute little spoon.
The bone marrow was delicious and the texture is a bit like fatty jelly but with the salt flakes the bone marrow on taste was really appetizing, and to finish off, there were caper berries.
breed us kurobuta pig belly & cheek/lentils/granny smith apple slaw:

The pork belly was soft complemented with the deliciously tangy and crunchy apple slaw on the top.
The lentils beneath it were delicious.
dutch veal cheek & sweetbreads/truffled orzo/herb salad
I love veal cheeks, they are always soft and supple.
As for the sweetbreads, they tasted different to the ones I tried another place.
The sweetbreads were really soft and slightly sticky, and had a slight resemblance to liver.
Australian O'Connor Farm 100% Natural Black Angus 14oz Rib Eye:

This was huge, but every bite of the beef was juicy and sweet.
The sea salt on the beef enhanced it and if that was'nt enough, there was mustards too.
Lemon Cappuccino /Lemon Crouton /Lemon Curd /Almond Crumble /Whipped Cream:

This dessert looked like a cappuccino, but just dig into it and the taste amazing and dreamy with a strong lemon taste balanced by the lovely whipped cream.
Lastly the drinks!
I don't drink alchohol but the drinks selection here is amazing, it would be a sin not to try them, there was horseradish flavours, bacon flavours, cream cheese flavours and the famous moonshine which is served in a glass with a paper bag on the outside because alchohol was banned in the 1920s which was how they disguised their drinks.
They are always inventing new cocktails so be sure to check their website for their latest cocktails.
During the tasting, they had pork chop and apple too on the cocktail menu which has bacon washed blended scotch in the mixture with apple sauce.

apple pie moonshine

From January 16th 1920, the united states began passing laws banning alcohol sales and
consumption, a nationwide prohibition went into effect, which triggered the greatest thing
the moonshiners could have asked for.
The taste of this was addictive, a really heavy and sweet taste of apple and cinammon just like an apple pie.

Horse’s Head

This is a fun cocktail of gin infused with horseradish giving a moreish savoury taste with a mustard kick. I loved the egg white foam cap on top sprinkled with green tea powder.

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