Monday, August 12, 2013

Orange food for guyZ @ 得記粉麵飯小炒

得記粉麵飯小炒 (Wan Chai)
Randomly came here because the food I wanted was sold out at this other shop.

Basically they serve all sorts of noodles and rices.

It appears that 100% of the people dining there are MEN!!!

Despite the male audience, the lady taking the orders was surprisingly nice!
She addresses females as "LADY" and yes in ENGLISH too and guys as "PANG YAU (friend)".
Curry beef:

The taste of this was ok and not too spicy but the curry was quite orange for a curry and it had green peppers.
The potato was really nice and flavoured right through.
Fried chicken leg with tomato sauce:
The chicken leg was a bit dry and again the chicken was quite orange especially the skin.
Singapore noodles:
The singapore noodles were quite nice and not too spicy, and again, the colour was really orange!

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