Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Unexpectedly more surprised than surprised

Ho Yuen Restaurant (Mong Kok)
I rarely eat food from Cha Chaan Teng's, especially from Mong Kok, so I don't know what possessed me into going here.

Usually I do not eat Hong Kong style food from Mong Kok because it does not come out the way you imagine it to be.

In this case, I was expecting it to be weird, but it was weirder than my expectation!

I suppose I was attracted by their product shot of tricoloured fusili in "red soup" because thats what it saids in Chinese literally red soup. [Forgot to take photo but there is a photo infront of the shop]

Inside this Cha Chaan Teng, it was old and gloomy, just like a scene from the 1970's.

At this restaurant, there is a minimum spending of $14 per person.

Fusilli in red soup:

Before I ordered, my definition of red soup was either going to be the usual HK style vegetable soups or HK style Borschts soups, but when it came, it was neither.

There were two huge bones in the broth and pieces of chili fakes floating about.
These are the surprises that I am talking about when I go to Mong Kok restaurants, you would never have imagined seeing chili flakes or huge bones in a simple fusilli soup!~~

See how big the bone is!!

Anyway the fusilli was not tri-coloured as shown on their product picture at the front of the shop, and the soup was nicer than my expectation because it was quite savoury with lots of meat fibres in it.
[Probably some leftover broth used to make this red soup!]
The chili flakes complemented the soup nicely because took away the gameyness/unfreshness of the meat on the bone.
As for the fusilli, it was not too hard or soft and the shape was intact.
Scrambled egg, chicken wings and crispy bun:

The crispy bun was the only item I liked and it was different to the other buns.
It was slightly buttered with some honey on it.
The bun was nice and crispy with a soft centre enhanced by the sweetness of the honey.

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