Thursday, August 29, 2013

Over priced vegetarian food at The Herbivores

The Herbivores (Central)
Came here to celebrate a foodies birthday.

Tried three sets which were all good, but the waitresses were a bit stuck up.
As commented by Samurai in an openricers vegetarian review, the staff at vegetarian places seem to have a temper or an attitude issue.

But saying that, Sin Mei's vegetarian cafe does not have that problem.


Nicely done with an eggy taste, the pan they used was clean, so it did not have a rancid oil smell.
Homemade Bruschetta:

Although it was delicious, I was a bit disappointed because they used toast.
Most bruschettas use baguette slices or something similar.
It was topped with tangy tomato puree and herbs which had a strong taste.
(Was trying to figure out what was homemade: The toast or the tomato puree?)
Sweet Morning:

The pancakes were surprisingly delicious, they were soft, fluffy and golden.
It was great that it came with yogurt because yoghurt is a healthier than cream.
Chocolate Mousse:

Most vegetarian chocolates do not taste nice because it lacks some vital ingredient but the chocolate mousse here was great.
Technically it was not a mousse but similar to a light paste that was silky and really chocolatey.
Total HKD: $1xx
Service: could be better
Yummy factor: ok
Sweetness levels: just right
Napkins provided: yes
Portion sizes: reasonable
Glass of water provided: No
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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