Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fascinating cake shop

Door Door (Mei Foo)
After dining nearby, Ivy said there was a shop selling nougats which I found interesting because Mei Foo is a residential area.

As well as Mei Foo, they used to have a branch in Kwun Tong.

When we got there, I was instantly impressed by the variety in there.

There were green tea scones!

Huge donuts on skewers for only $7.5

Pandan cakes!

Charcoal buns:

The nougats were most impressive.

They even had a huge cookie selection!

Infront of the shop, there were so many people queuing for freshly baked egg tarts and portugese tarts. I was surprised at how fast they were sold and the quantities people were buying.

For the coming moon festival, they have these novelty biscuits which are hygienically packed too.
(I remember seeing ones before which were unwrapped and held in a pink plastic baskets).

Thanks to Mjqueen7e for getting me one.

I ended up getting a cheese Pontikege because it looked like a baked meringue.

The cheese pontikege tasted really floury when I took a bite, and it was slightly sweet with a faint taste of cheese.

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