Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wagyu Door To Door

Just got some great A4 grading Wagyu Sirloin and huge Hokkaido scallops (Sashimi grade) from Wagyu Door To Door.

It came neatly packed in a box with ice packs, cooking instructions and some scrumptious Himalayan salt.

The steak was neatly packed in a vacuumed sealed pack which was clearly labelled with its weight and what type of steak it was.

It came with clear instructions so it was simple cooking it.

After it was cooked, the steak tasted really delicious and soft because of the even fat marbling.

The scallops were huge.

After defrosting them, I sliced them and put some Himalayan salt on it and they tasted great just like other salts that they put on scallop sashimi such as Green tea salt, curry salt etc.

There is a good range of beef ranging from US and Japanese with A2 and A4 grading.

As well as beef they also offer lamb, tiger prawns and sauces.

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