Friday, August 16, 2013

Let's go cheesy on Tues! Say cheese at il Posto 97

iL Posto 97 (Central)

From now on, you can get your cheese cravings at il Posto paired with wine.

At the bar, there are seven cheeses and condiments to go with the cheese.

Some of the condiments were interesting such as the honey and plum jam.

It is really worth going because I tried a cheese night elsewhere and you could only choose one cheese, but here there are seven cheeses to try.

Here it is only $250 per person from 8pm-10pm and you can indulge on a selection of Italian cheeses, breads, free-flow red and white wines and more.

The environment is relaxing and right in the middle of LKF.

Here was my platter to start off with:

My favourites were: Maggengo, Fontina and Torregio.
Below are the cheeses that we tried and each of their characteristics:
Gorgonzola:It was garlicy and peppery with a mellow taste, the texture was softish.
Good for pairing with pears and figs.
Torregio:This cheese was crumbly and chalky, and the cows milk came from Lombardy.
The texture is softer near the crust and drier near the middle.
It was great paired with fruit mustard or honey.
Rossini blue:This was the strongest out of all seven cheeses.
There are grape skins in it and great for pairing with honey or crackers.
It should definately be the last to try because it is strong and incomprehendable with an interesting crescendo of sensation.
Grana Padano:This cheese was quite interesting because it had a sweet aftertaste.
When dipped with honey or fruit mustards, it was enhanced further more.
Ubracio (drunken cheese):This was another nice cheese with an alcoholic taste.
It was slightly crumbly and firm in texture and it was bathed in local wines along with skins and seeds leftover from the wine making process.
Fontina: Although this cheese had a pungent smell, it was not that strong when you eat it, it was soft and smooth.
Maggengo:The texture was nice and soft.
At first it has a sweet taste ending with a bitter note.
It is nice paired with sweet items.

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