Saturday, August 24, 2013

Retro Hong Kong buffet

The Gazebo Restaurant (Wan Chai)
Previously tried this place because they invited me to a tasting.

I fell in love with the pork trotters which was why I came back this time.

They were doing a retro Hong Kong theme featuring retro food.

As well as that, they happened to be doing Groupon deals that week.
[Therefore I was paying more than those Groupon diners, ie at full price!]

Anyway, they had Pandan cake which was not there last time but they did not have any sashimi that day.
They did not have those prawns with prawn roe in it either

The pork trotters were as good as ever, soft and sticky with a delicious taste.

This time I made sure I tried the laksa which I found very spicy!

There was quite a lot of retro desserts which I did not try because they were not my cup of tea.

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