Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hardcore ice cream flavours with a softcore effect

Ice Cream Gallery (Kwun Tong)
I have always wanted to go to Ice Cream Gallery at Repulse bay, but it was too far and I didn't know how to get there.

Anyway, I found out that they moved to Kwun Tong through OpenRice so I decided to go there, but you have to reserve two days in advance for some flavours.

As well as that, they only open until 7pm, so you have to rush there!

At this new location, it is bascially a workshop for dessert lessons, so as well as selling icecreams, they can also generate revenue from other activities because not many people would come here for icecream.

I also have the feeling, they supply icecream to top notch restaurants in Hong Kong, so icecreams are just a side business.

The icecreams here do not contain stabilizers, colouring, gelatine, emulsifiers or preservatives.

There is a cabinet of icecreams.

Here was what we tried.
French lobster:

I thought it was going to be savoury but it was sweet, you could taste pieces of lobster in it.
Bacon and egg:

There was lots of bacon in it but I could not taste the egg.
Again it was sweet and not savoury.
Japanese Uji Supreme Green Tea :

I thought the green tea flavour was a bit boring because it tasted a bit bitter and grassy.
Escargot :

This was my favourite and you could evidently taste escargot.
It had a sticky texture and the taste of oregano was really strong.
Below is a photo of the escargot they use.

Ginger Vinegar and Egg

The ginger taste was quite prominent and the texture of the ginger was a bit like dried coconut but the vinegar taste was not that apparent.
Overall, I felt that the icecreams were really creative, but they shouldn't taste sweet because its a waste of all those luxurious ingredients if you can't taste it.

The escargot had the taste I was expecting but I would prefer it to be totally savoury because I tried a savoury icecream at another restaurant and it truly was savoury without sugar.

In most top notch restaurants, they have frozen amuse bouches that are totally savoury, so why can't these icecreams be like that.

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