Friday, August 16, 2013

Chocolate emulsion dream

Jean-Paul Hévin Boutique et Bar à Chocolat (Central)
I have always wanted to try this place when I saw a magazine article about a cup of hot chocolate flavoured with green tea.

However, when I got there, it was not served because it was a seasonal product.

The last time I had a hot chocolate containing real chocolate was at VERO.

When you enter this shop, it appears to be an ordinary chocolatier, but there is seating upstairs which is quite cosy, there is a mini rock garden above the entrance which can be seen on the 1st floor.

Chocolate emulsion:

On my first attempt to dine at this place, they did not have the Raspberry one and it was helpful of them to tell me before I went upstairs to the cafe area.
On my second visit, it was available so I dined there.
When it came, the chocolate emulsion was contained in a classy vacuum glass cup which was clear and you could see round it.

On the top, there was thick looking chocolate cream which was dense chocolate paste, tasting a bit like soft praline with strong cocao taste.

From the side of the glass, you can see the raspberry compote at the bottom with some white cream mixed in.

The taste of this was amazing, because the chocolate was extremely light, it was bascially like fine whipped chocolate foam, and at the bottom I loved the tart raspberry compote and cream which made the dessert really dreamy.
The chocolate foam is similar to the British dessert Angel Delight but much much lighter.
The best thing about this dessert was that it was not sweet at all or even cloyingly sweet.
Summer iced teas:

There were basically two flavours but if you look at the menu above it is really misleading as well as confusing!
Mint tea and green apple puree should be green but this is represented by the first picture because the green tea and apricot puree is referring to the second picture which should be the colour of the first.
Anyway I ordered the second one, so I was expecting green tea with apricot puree.

When it came, the colour of the drink light green so I presumed it was the apricot.
After taking a sip, there was some faint apricot taste but I could also taste mint too which should not be there.
As well as the foul mint taste, it was too sweet.
Chocolat chaud nosy be:A pure cocoa from Madascagar with tangy and red fruit tones.
The special chocolate drink was not available so I decided to get one of their signature hot chocolates, so I chose the one with red fruit tones, hoping it would taste as tangy as the dessert above.

When it arrived, it was a jug of hot chocolate with a little cute cup. There was actually quite a lot of hot chocolate in the jug.

Anyway, took one sip and it was a total disappointment, there was no red fruit tones in it. It was extremely plain sweet hot chocolate.
I definately agree with HKE's comment that it should be quality and not quantity. The cup of chocolate at VERO's was slightly better.

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