Monday, August 12, 2013

Back for more drinks and cakes @ arome Bake & Drink

arome Bake & Drink 東海堂 (Kowloon Bay)
Previously had a tasting at this branch and when we left, we were given some coupons to get two complimentary drinks and a cake from their newly launched series at this branch only.

Chocolate pudding drink:

On this visit, the chocolate tasted quite powdery but the pudding on the bottom was delicious and eggy.
Apple drink with jelly:

Tried this drink because Ivy said that it tasted like Heinz baby apple juice drink.
The acidity was low so it wasnt very sour, and it tasted like sweetened cooked apple puree.
New drink - kanten jelly and green jasmine tea:

Jasmine tea and croissant set for $15:

Melon cake:

The sweetness was just right and the jelly was not too sweet and I appreciated how the standard of this cake has remained the same as the tasting a few months ago.
The pieces of melon were mushy and soft which worked with the type of jelly they used.
In the middle, there was delicious cake and cream to balance it out.

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