Monday, August 12, 2013

Black sausages but not black pudding

Black Bridge is a new shop from Taiwan.

On my first visit I wanted to try their sausages but they were understaffed so I didnt try it.

Thanks to Ivy for getting me some candied ginger and crispy pork crunchies.
Candied ginger:

The ginger was covered in brown sugar and it can be eaten just like that or dissolved in hot water as a drink.
It was quite nice as a candy and the ginger was not that strong, the brown sugar taste was more prominent and fragrant.
Crisp pork jerky:

The pork jerky was extremely thin and were rolled into rolls.

It was wafer thin and crispy just like crackers with lots almond, black sesame and dried shrimps in it.
The taste was sweet and the smell of dried shrimp was strong.

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